Welcome to Alaskan Yurt Rentals.  The yurts on this page are located at the Kenai Peninsula Fairgrounds in Ninilchik.  Specific instructions will be provided in your confirmation email.  There are four yurts.  Each yurt has four sleeping decks unless otherwise noted.  One deck can accommodate one or two people.  The yurt is comfortable for four people, but up to eight can stay.  There is some floor space available to throw your own sleeping mat down as another option.  The yurts are dry (no running water.)  An outhouse is available in the area.  Some firewood may be available in the area, but bringing your own guarantees that you can use the small wood stove for heat if needed.  A two burner Coleman cookstove is provided.  Please bring your own green canister.

To sum it up, bring your sleeping bags, water, wood, food and friends.  Bring your cooking and eating utensils.  A bucket and water jug are in each yurt.  Water is available at the spring at the back of the big parking lot.

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